Kurt Thearling's Publications


"Visualizing Data Mining Models," in Information Visualization in Data Mining and Knowledge Discovery, edited by Fayyad et al, Morgan Kaufmann, 2001, (with B. Becker, D. DeCoste, B. Mawby, M. Pilote, and D. Sommerfield).

"Campaign Optimization: Maximizing the Value of Interacting with Your Customers," Relationship Marketing Report, August 2001.

Book: Building Data Mining Applications for CRM, McGraw-Hill, 1999 (with A. Berson and S. Smith).  Recently translated into Korean and Chinese.

"Data Mining and CRM: Zeroing in on Your Best Customers," DM Direct, December 20, 1999.

"Data Mining Can Bring Pinpoint Accuracy to Sales," Mass High Tech, March 29, 1999.

"Increasing Customer Value by Integrating Data Mining and Campaign Management Software," Direct Marketing Magazine, February 1999.

Data Mining and Privacy: A conflict in the making?," DS*, March 17, 1998.

"Some Thoughts on the Current State of Data Mining Software Applications," DS*, January 13, 1998.

"Understanding Data Mining: It's All In the Interaction," DS*, December 9, 1997.

"Evolving Parallel Computation," Complex Systems, Volume 10, Number 3 (1997) (with T. Ray).

"From Data Mining to Database Marketing," DIG White Paper 95/02, October 1995.

"An Overview of Data Mining at Dun & Bradstreet," DIG White Paper 95/01, September 1995.

"Massively Parallel Architectures and Algorithms for Time-Series Analysis," 1993 Lectures in Complex Systems, L. Nadel and D. Stein (eds.), Addison-Wesley: Reading, MA, 1995.

"Evolution, Entropy, and Parallel Computation," Proceedings of the Workshop on Physics and Computation, PhysComp '94, W. Porod (ed.), IEEE Press: Los Alamitos, Nov. 1994.

"Non-Linear Time-Series Prediction by Systematic Data Exploration on a Massively Parallel Computer," Santa Fe Institute Technical Report 94-07-045, July 1994, (with X. Zhang).

"Evolving Multi-cellular Artificial Life," Proceedings of Artificial Life IV, R. Brooks and P. Maes (eds.), MIT Press: Cambridge, July 1994, (with T. Ray).

"A Practical External Samplesort for Shared Disk MPPs," Proceedings of Supercomputing '93, IEEE Press: Los Alamitos, Nov. 1993, (with L. Li, G. Linoff, S. Smith, and C. Stanfill).

"An Examination of Sorting as a Supercomputer Benchmark," NASA Ames Research Center Technical Report RNR-93-002, January 1993, (with G. Blelloch, L. Dagum, S. Smith, and M. Zagha).

"An Improved Supercomputing Sorting Benchmark," Proceedings of Supercomputing '92, IEEE Press: Los Alamitos, Nov. 1992, (with S. Smith).

"Putting Artificial Life to Work," Parallel Problem from Nature 2, R. Männer and B. Manderic (eds.), North-Holland: Amsterdam, Sept. 1992.

"Techniques for Automatic Test Knowledge Extraction from Compliled Circuits," Ph.D. Thesis, University of Illinois, August 1990.

"An Easily Computed Functional Level Testability Measure," Proceedings of the 1989 International Test Conference, IEEE Press: Los Alamitos, August 1989, (with J. Abraham).

"Diagnostic Reasoning in Digital Systems," Proceedings of the 18th Fault-Tolerant Computing Symposium, IEEE Press: Los Alamitos, June 1998, (with R. Iyer).

"Artificial Intelligence," OMNI, June 1988. (with S. Wolfram, S. Omohundro, S. Skiena, B. Mel, and L. Young).

"Tablet: Personal Computer in the Year 2000," Communications of the ACM, June 1988.  (with S. Wolfram, S. Omohundro, S. Skiena, B. Mel, and L. Young).

"Academic Computing in the Year 2000," Academic Computing, May/June 1988, (with S. Wolfram, S. Omohundro, S. Skiena, B. Mel, and L. Young).

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